Veolia Guides China’s Industries Through Stricter Waste Disposal Laws

In line with its increasingly stringent environmental policies, the Chinese government has recently tightened regulations on industrial waste disposal. To help companies achieve compliance and optimise resources, Veolia provides complete waste and recovery solutions and integrates hazardous and non-hazardous waste management strategies into their production processes.

危险废弃物处理 , 威立雅废弃物

 Our Services in Industrial Waste Market

Globally, the popular use of appliances and electronics is generating increasing volumes of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The proper treatment of WEEE is critical for three reasons: environmental hazard risks, regulatory requirements and the valuable mine of recoverable and reusable materials like plastics and precious metals present in WEEE. Veolia provides expert solutions for WEEE collection, treatment and recycling in China and around the world, contributing to circular economy.


Veolia offers a full range of expertise in industrial waste treatment, including:

Hazardous waste management
Veolia is a leader in hazardous waste treatment and disposal, providing tailored solutions to China’s local governments and industries. Its comprehensive expertise covers waste collection, transportation, recovery, physio-chemical treatment, incineration and landfilling, and it helps industries implement management systems that comply with the most stringent national legislation.

Medical waste management
Proper management of toxic and infectious medical waste is critical to protecting human health and the environment. Veolia provides highly-skilled medical waste disposal services from collection, storage, transfer and treatment, using advanced treatment technologies for the sterilisation, chemical disinfection and incineration of medical waste.

Industrial services
Whether it is waste collection and treatment, cleaning or equipment maintenance, industrial clients need efficient, accurate and professional services that ensure policy compliance and operational efficiency. Veolia has a tested, systematically methodology to help clients improve their operation and reduce costs through innovative technological solutions, specially trained teams and comprehensive services.

Soil remediation
Veolia is experienced in site investigation and remediation, providing a customised, comprehensive solution based on an area’s contamination characteristics, extent and plan for future land use. Veolia manages everything from site investigation and risk assessment, design of remediation and project implementation, saving the client’s time and financial costs.

Veolia provides cost effective, safe and environmentally sound solutions for the dismantling of oil and gas platforms, ships, airplanes and industrial facilities that have come to the end of their lives. Veolia’s decommissioning processes are compliant with international environmental laws while safely recovering all recyclable materials.

Emergency response and safety risk control
Veolia provides emergency support and risk assessment, acting as the emergency and risk control centre for the city and industrial park in which it operates. With its professional and comprehensive experience in hazardous waste treatment and industrial service, Veolia is well-positioned to help prevent negative environmental incidents and provide timely response to emergencies, such as leakage, fire and accidents involving hazardous chemicals, should they occur.


Our Solutions in the Industrial Waste Market

foshan medical photo
Foshan Medical Waste Treatment Project
Tianjin Binhai HW
Tianjin Binhai Integrated Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre