Veolia: the pioneer of environmental conservation industry in China

Veolia has a strong presence in China, where its waste, water and energy activities are at the heart of sustainable development in China: resource conservation, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable economy, and social development.

Since the early 1990s, Veolia fast established itself as a leader in water, waste and energy services in Greater China, taking responsibility for some of the nation's most prized assets and setting institutional benchmarks for ecological transformation across the nation.

Today, Veolia China serves more than 100 sites in around 50 cities of Greater China. Veolia China offers a full spectrum of water, waste and energy management services, including water and wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste treatment, energy management, resource recovery and on-site services for industry.

Serves more than

100 sites 

Coverage reaches around 

50 cities

Providing effective solutions to seven segments


Access to Water and Sanitation

As a global expert in water operations, we manage municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as networks through PPP (public - private partnerships) contracts (with local or state authorities). We support local authorities by optimizing the cost of water, improving the quality of the service, and by building innovative offers for communities.

Solid Waste Treatment and Recycling

We offer waste management solutions to help clients optimize their production flow, reduce treatment costs and lower their impact on the environment. Veolia is one of the major players in materials recycling management and a circular economy specialist. We recycle many different kinds of waste and turn them into resources.

Liquid and Hazardous Waste Treatment and Recovery 

We help our customers address their main environmental challenges in hazardous waste management by ensuring compliant and safe management of hazardous waste with full traceability, storage or recycling, and contribute to improving environmental impact. We provide sustainable, compliant and cost-effective solution to some of today’s toughest waste challenges.

Local Loops of Energy

We operate and maintain district heating and cooling networks, as well as renewable energies plants, using biogas. We provide centrally produced heated water to residents and commercial buildings, offering an efficient, competitive and reliable source of heating. With local loops of energy, we support new development and provide comfort to existing

Energy Services to Buildings

Our solutions guarantee energy and utilities supply performance. We ensure quality, availability and overall energy performance by reducing and controlling energy demand and optimizing O&M.

Onsite services to industrial clients

We provide on-site services for various types of Industries: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining and Metals, Automotive, Semiconductor etc. We manage the full water cycle from process water to wastewater treatment and ZLD scheme, as well as the supply of energy and Industrial utilities to single site or large industrial complex.

Water Technologies

Treatment facilities and network provided by Veolia Water Technologies.

Key Figures

- Provided 15 million of people with drinking water 

- Introduced 1.63 billion m3 of drinking water to network

- Collected 287.5 million m3 of wastewater 

- 3.22 million of people connected to our wastewater networks


- 671,900 people covered by municipal waste collection

- 55,200 tons of plastic recycled in transformation plants

- 570,000 tons of hazardous waste treated

- 5,745 GWh of energy produced 

- 937,114  people connected to district heating networks 


- 161 building energy services contracts signed 

- 26,10.36 million m3 of cooling water produced

- 43 million m3 of process water produced for clients

- 42 million m3 of effluent treated

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