Our Business Leaders

Business Leader of Asia

  • Christophe Maquet
    Veolia Senior Executive Vice President, Director of the Asia-Pacific Zone

    In April 2021, Christophe Maquet became Senior Executive Vice President for Veolia's Asia region and a member of the Executive Committee of the world's leading environmental services group for ecological transformation. Since March 2022, his role has extended to the Asia Pacific Zone and he is at the head of 26,500 employees in 12 countries providing the resources necessary for people’s well-being, the attractiveness of territories and the performance of businesses.

    In 2019 and before returning to Asia, Christophe Maquet was the Executive Vice President for Veolia's Africa and Middle East region, leading 8,500 employees in some 15 countries.

    From 2013 to 2019, he successively held the position of Veolia’s Director of Cooling Networks and Industrial Utilities for Asia & the Middle East, then that of Energy Business Line Director for Japan, South Korea, Singapore & Hong Kong, before being appointed Veolia Industrial Customer Director in Japan in 2017.

    Christophe Maquet joined Veolia in 2004 as financial controller of the Group's Energy activities.

    Born in 1978, he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées.

Business Leaders of Mainland China & Macau

  • Mark Venhoek
    CEO of Veolia Mainland China and Macau

    Mark Venhoek has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Mainland China and Macau effective March 2022.

    Mark’s career within waste and water businesses Executive Management spans over 30years. He started his career at BFI Netherlands as part of an International Management Development Program where he spent a year working for them in the US.

    Mark continued working in the Netherlands from 1996 in various management roles from District Director, Regional Director to eventually becoming Chief Operating Officer. In 2004 he became Chief Executive Officer of SITA Germany, managing the waste management activities in Germany, where he successfully led the restructuring and turnaround of their business.

    After becoming Chief Operating Officer of SITA Northern Europe Waste Services, covering the activities in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, Mark, in 2008, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ’ waste activities in Asia and under his dynamic and engaging leadership, the companies’ development and profitability grew significantly.

    In 2015 Mark became Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ Australia & New Zealand, where he was responsible for Water and Waste operations. Under his strategic leadership, both businesses were integrated and strongly developed to become leading entities in their
    respective markets.

    Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and Supply Chain Management from the Arnhem Higher Business school of Economics, The Netherlands. He has held multiple board positions within the industry in the respective geographies he worked in.

  • Julia Gu

    Julia Gu, as a rare female leader in Veolia’s business units, she has been appointed the Senior Vice President of Veolia China in business line of Municipal.

    She joined Veolia Beijing Office in early 1998 and started her business in the Water sector. In 2002, she obtained her first operational experience by overseeing the facility of the Shanghai Pudong Water Concession Project, which was also Veolia’s first milestone in the water business of China. Julia has spent 17 years in this significant project and progressed through various positions. From Finance Controller, to GM and Chairman. Eventually, she has successfully transformed this project with her team, from a conventional State Owned Water Company into a Smart Digital Oriented Water Company, and significantly improved the efficiency and productivity of the business.

    In 2016, 9 water concessions and 4 BOT projects in China were under her leadership and management, and these successes were achieved from her solid operational experience, and her ability to adapt good practices from one project to another.  

    In Veolia, she did not just limit her exploration and growth in the water segment. With her outstanding business performance,  she also took over the Building Energy Service segment, and the Industrial Service of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic companies (new business sector) in 2019.  

  • Thierry Stievenard

    Thierry Stievenard, joined in October 1991, has been working with Veolia for nearly 30 years. He is the Senior Vice President of Industrial in Veolia Mainland China & Macau.

    After his first employment as an Officer in the Merchant Navy, Thierry worked as the Production and Technical Director in Paris for 10 years, and later on he became the CEO of one of the biggest heating networks in the Paris urban areas.

    With his technological expertise in heating networks, he transferred to Estonia in 2002 as the Operation and Technical Director to run the major local district heating for 4 years.

    Until 2006, he began his journey in China as Operation and Technical Director and led his team to work on the operation and development in the field of energy solution and services.

    With strong practical expertise, Veolia successfully established and has won initial district energy contracts in China. Up until today, these contracts are still a significant part of our portfolio of Veolia in China Mainland.

    As the leader of the Local Loop of Energy segment, he has developed a powerful team to support the operations of the projects in China. Currently, his team manages and operates in over 10 energy networks for both municipal and industrial clients, such as the Harbin Power & Heat project which has expanded its serving area from 0 to 33 millions sqm.

    On the other hand, he also actively explores new areas for energy solutions and continues to contribute massively in some of the industrial on-site services in China from 2019, such as Tangshan & Tianjin Soda where Veolia provides industrial water treatment services.

  • Xiaohua Zhou
    Hazardous Waste

    Zhou Xiaohua graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai and obtained his Ph. D in France. He has also got an EMBA from Guanghua School of Management in Peking University. Mr. Zhou has been working in the environmental protection and energy sectors since 1982 and has conducted environmental research at a design and research institute in China and the National Research Center in France. Mr. Zhou joined Veolia in 1994 and now serves as the Senior Vice President of Veolia China and in charge of hazardous waste business.

    Mr. Zhou Xiaohua has more than 30 years of experience in the field of environment, energy, and circular economy. He has advocated for energy conservation & emissions reduction and sustainable development. He is also committed in promoting new environmental protection initiatives and new technology applications in China, as well as the development of China’s PPP model in public service and environmental industry development in the industrial field.

    He has been leading the Veolia China’s waste team in building and operating some pioneering projects in China, including Guangzhou Xingfeng landfill, Guangzhou Likeng Plant, Tianjin Hazardous Waste Integrated Treatment Center and so on. He also promotes and practises fine management in operations, especially in the hazardous waste industries, which makes Veolia the leading company in China for hazardous management. In the past 10 years, he also led his team to focus more on circular economy topics and developed several major projects including plastic recycling, ship dismantling and battery recycling. 

  • Francois Jenny
    Solid Waste

    Francois Jenny has been working in China since 2005 and involved in the environmental industry from the late 90s. He studied in both France at University of Compiegne (MSC in Chemical Engineering) and the UK graduating from Cranfield University (MSC in Applied Energy) and from Warwick University (MBA). Recently, he has developed further expertise in sustainability and circular economy. Francois has been involved in the waste management industry for more than 20 years and has been working with TIRU, Covanta Energy, Suez and Now Veolia. 

  • Daniel QIN

    Daniel QIN, Vice President of Growth, joined in Veolia China in August 2022, is responsible for business development and implementation of Veolia China's growth strategy.

    Daniel has more than two decades experience in chemical industry. Started his career as a chemical engineer, Daniel had worked for Sinopec, Bechtel and BP successively and worked in China, USA and UK on engineering design of various petrochemical projects, later he joined Air Liquide and moved to a business development position, since then he had been involved in business development and M&A activities in China and Southeast Asia. Daniel has extensive business experience and excellent track record, from creating a Joint Venture with Sinopec, landing the first hydrogen cooperation with MNC in Southeast Asia, to entering into supply agreement with Chinese top steel customer via the ever largest single-train ASU investment reference etc. Prior to joining Veolia, Daniel was clean hydrogen director at Linde APAC, responsible for business development of clean hydrogen and decarbonization in Asia Pacific, in particular in China.

    Daniel holds a degree in chemical engineering from East China University of Science and Technology and MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

  • Etienne Frouin
    Capex Delivery

    Etienne Frouin has been appointed Director of Capex Delivery of Veolia Mainland China and Macau since March 2022.

    With his strong expertise, Etienne has more than 25 years of professional projects management experience in whole process Projects Execution on various type of plants across the global regions.

    After Etienne’s first job as Project Manager at EIFFAGE where he was responsible for Design & Built Electrical Projects in France until 1999, he took the position as Project Manager at VINCI from 1999-2001 for managing design and building for projects overseas including power plants in Gabon.

    From 2001 to 2013, Etienne joined Degremont, subsidy of SUEZ, from Project Manager to Execution Director, he accumulated delivering successfully in the Execution management of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants in Gaza, Algeria, Egypt, Qatar and India. Etienne scale up his Execution management roles to Senior Project Manager for SUEZ energy from waste project in Poland from 2013 until 2017.

    In early 2017, Etienne was appointed Execution Director of Recycling & Recovery, SUEZ Asia for managing Execution from design phase to commissioning and hand over for both hazardous waste incineration projects and solid waste incineration projects domestic and overseas, located in Jiangsu, Guangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Taiwan and Thailand. Etienne holds Electric Mechanical Engineering Degree at Engineer School, ESME Sudria Paris.

  • Lei Man Sao Morse