Liquid and Hazardous Waste Treatment and Recovery

Veolia has expertise in the treatment and recycling of hazardous waste to limit the environmental impact of industrial activities, prevent the dispersion of pollution and promote the circular economy. We create value for all stakeholders through multifaceted performance.

We help our customers to address their main environmental challenges in hazardous waste management by ensuring a compliant and safe management of hazardous waste with full traceability, storage or recycling, and we contribute towards improving the environmental impact.

We provide sustainable, compliant and cost effective solutions to some of today’s toughest waste challenges.



Hazardous waste management

The proper treatment of hazardous waste, characterized by its corrosive, toxic, flammable, reactive, or infectious nature, is closely related to environmental safety and the well-being of individuals, and requires the participation of specialized companies.

Veolia has over 40 years of experience in hazardous waste management, operating 300 hazardous waste treatment and recovery sites in around 28 countries and regions worldwide, treating more than 8 million tons of hazardous waste annually. In China, Veolia is a leading enterprise in the field of hazardous waste management, operating and constructing more than 20 hazardous waste treatment projects across 13 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. By leveraging professional and advanced technology, and ensuring efficient and stable operations, it has effectively safeguarded the sustainable development of China's industrial sector.


Business cases

Tianjin - China
Tianjin Hazardous Waste Integrated Treatment Centers

Hejia (Phase 1), with a capacity of 72,500 tons/year, is China’s first cutting-edge hazardous waste integrated treatment facility. It integrates incineration, sterilization, physical and chemical treatment, secure landfill and resource recycling. Binhai Hejia Center (Phase 2), with a capacity of 134,000 tons/year,  has been in operation since the end of 2015 in order to meet the city’s growing demand on hazardous waste treatment.

Since the official operation of phase 2 recently, Tianjin Binhai HW project has started the FIRST 200 t/d HW incinerator in China.

Taixing – Jiangsu
Taixing Hazardous Waste Treatment Project

With a total investment of 360 million RMB, Taixing HW project first phase is hazardous waste incineration and treatment center that integrates collection, storage, and incineration functions capable of handling 30,000 tons of hazardous waste annually. It possesses distinctive treatment techniques and extensive experience in handling of hazardous wastes that are of high flammability, low flash point, high viscosity, high reactivity, high toxicity, high halogen content (e.g., chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, etc.), and high heavy metal content. Taixing HW project not only handles hazardous waste within the Jiangsu province, but also provides recycled high-pressure steam to other enterprises, saving 15,000 tons of standard coal per year.

Cangzhou – Hebei
Jihuan Hazardous Waste Treatment Project

Cangzhou Jihuan Hazardous Waste Treatment Project was established in 2011. It is an integrated hazardous waste disposal facility and a hazardous waste disposal center in Hebei that treats hazardous waste from the whole province. Facilities include incineration, PCT and  secure landfill. Its treatment capacity reaches PCT 10,103 tons/year, incineration 14,750 tons/year, and secure landfill 60,100 tons/year.

Soil remediation

Pure, rich, living soil is essential for biodiversity, for our agriculture, for the quality of our water, and for the sustainability of our habitat in the face of climate change. Veolia is accomplished in site investigation and remediation and able to provide feasible comprehensive solutions according to contamination characteristics, extent, future land use, and etc.

With over 10 years experience in the field of soil and groundwater remediation in China, Veolia has participated in China more than 100 engineering and survey projects, more than 80 organic pollution remediation projects, and more than 40 heavy metal pollution projects, and accumulated extensive experience in the local context.


Business cases

DDBS - China
DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd.

DDBS Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Veolia, is one of the professional soil remediation companies with the most project cases in China and has rich technical resources and project management experience. Its engineering project not only encompasses a wide range of fields, but also demonstrates uniqueness in terms of progress and implementation.

Every year, DDBS remediates dozens of sites and processes more than one million tons of contaminated soil.

Medical waste management

The proper treatment of infectious medical waste is of great importance to human health and environmental protection because of its biological toxicity and corrosiveness. Veolia has experience in the whole process of medical waste treatment  from collection, storage, transfer and treatment, thereby ensuring appropriate medical waste disposal services to cities.

Veolia operates in complete safety in compliance with the applicable regulations in each country by offering the following solutions:

  • Training for healthcare personnel
  • Distribution of plastic bags, needle boxes, cardboard boxes, collectors, etc. to isolate different types of hazardous medical waste
  • Collection and transport to the treatment centre with guaranteed traceability
  • Registration of waste bins
  • Treatment of hazardous medical waste: incineration or disinfection pre-treatment


Business cases

Hangzhou - Zhejiang
Lijia hazardous waste treatment project in aid of the disposal of COVID-19-related waste

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Lijia hazardous waste treatment  project assisted relevant departments in the disposal of epidemic-related waste and medical waste.In the first quarter of 2022, Lijia collected and treated 1269.49 tons of COVID-19-related waste and 47.06 tons of COVID-19-related packaging from airports and the aviation sector, and undertook 40% of the COVID-19-related waste treatment in Hangzhou. Positioning itself at the forefront of epidemic prevention, Lijia has always put environmental and social benefits first.

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