Tianjin Hazardous Waste Integrated Treatment Centers (Phase 1: Hejia Center & Phase 2: Binhai Hejia Center)

Veolia and its partners have designed, constructed and now operate Tianjin Hazardous Waste Integrated Treatment Centers (Phase 1: Hejia). This is the first treatment and disposal center in China integrating incineration, physical & chemical treatment, secure landfill and resource recycling. 

The Phase 1 Center treats and disposes industrial hazardous waste, medical waste and hazardous chemical waste. Of the 49 types of hazardous wastes defined by Chinese regulation, the center treats 48 types except the explosives. Its annual capacity is 67,700 metric tons including 13,500 metric tons by incineration, 20,000 metric tons by physical-chemical treatment, 26,480 metric tons by landfilling, 4,800 metric tons by material recycling, and 2920 metric tons of medical waste through non-incineration treatment.

Following the success of Phase 1 Hejia Center, Veolia is now operating Phase 2 Binhai Hejia Center located in Tianjin Nangang Industrial Park. The Binhai Hejia Center strengthens Veolia's support in the collection, transportation, storage and treatment of toxic and hazardous solid waste in the region. Its annual treatment capacity is 55,300 metric tons including 30,000 tons by incineration, 20,000 tons by physiochemical treatment and 5,300 tons of solidification.