“... Everywhere, Veolia complies with the laws and regulations in force. In addition, it applies widely disseminated rules of ethics that are in line with its values relating to responsibility, solidarity, respect, innovation and customer focus...”

Excerpt from Veolia’s purpose

Ethics Guide

It provides a reference for the everyday conduct of all Veolia employees, at all levels of the company and in all countries where it operates, since conducting our business as professionals, treating our customers with respect and meeting our responsibilities means, quite simply, doing our job properly.

This guide, which integrates ethics into the Group’s governance, aims to ensure compliance with:

  • The values and rules of conduct specific to Veolia
  • International initiatives that the Group has joined, in particular the United Nations Global Compact, as well as international human rights law and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • Local laws in all countries where the Group is present

Anti-corruption Code of Conduct

It describes the principles and acts aimed at complying with the Group’s commitment to forbid, without any reservation, any form of corruption and assimilated or equivalent behaviors and to comply with regulations and best practices in this matter. It forms an integral part of the existing Group’s internal policies and procedures, which must also be complied with.

The provisions of this Code apply to all Group managers or employees and, more generally, to any person likely to engage or represent the Group, irrespective of the environment in which they perform their duties or of the country in which the activities are conducted.

The Group managers or employees must ensure, to the extent possible, that the provisions of this Code or at least provisions a minima equivalent are applied by each third party with which the Group has a business relation (supplier, client, partner, non-profit organizations, etc).

  • Prevention and prohibition of active corruption and assimilated behaviors
  • Prevention and prohibition of passive corruption and conflict of interest within the Group
  • Other risk situations subject to specific rules (e.g. sponsorship and patronage, lobbying, Intermediaries, suppliers and business partners, rules on financial and accounting control)
  • Alerts


Laws and rules on free competition contribute towards promoting vigorous but fair confrontation among firms working in the same sector of activity.

We expect our suppliers and our chain of value to share and comply with the general principles for suppliers’ relationship laid out in this document.

More information: Supplier Relationship page

This plan sets out how the Group meets the requirements of France’s law no. 2017-399 (related to human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, environment,etc.)

These guidelines provide practical recommendations to comply with key requirements of China laws and regulations (Cyber Security Law,  Personal Information Protection Law, etc.), and Veolia Group policies (Personal Data Privacy Policy).

Ethics (Whispli) Alert Link

Are you aware of a breach of ethics and/or compliance rules? You can report this breach via the alert line.

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