Access to water and sanitation

Veolia delivers the solutions to address water-related problems that now affect every part of the world. We create values for all the stakeholders with multi-faceted performances.

As a global expert in water operations, we manage municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as networks through PPP (public-private partnerships) contracts (with local or state authorities).

We support local authorities by optimizing the cost of water, improving the quality of the service, and by building innovative offers for communities. 

Water supply and networks

Ensuring a consistent supply of safe, high-quality drinking water is a paramount responsibility for water utilities. This critical function must be carried out cost-effectively while adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

Veolia provides customers with superior potable water solutions, coupled with comprehensive strategies to reduce and optimize consumption. For municipalities, commercial properties, and industrial facilities, our innovative approach addresses key water management challenges: cost control, regulatory compliance, uninterrupted service, resilience, and minimizing environmental impact. Our integrated, cutting-edge solutions position us as a trusted strategic partner, enabling customers to achieve their operational goals.

Business Cases

Shanghai - China
Pudong Water Concession

A full water management contract, covering water treatment, water distribution, network management and customer services. It is the first significant Public-Private Partnership in China’s water industry and a private foreign water operator shared the entire management of a Chinese water company for the first time.

Wastewater Treatment

Water utilities face the perpetual challenge of comprehensive wastewater treatment while safeguarding the local environment. We partner with water companies daily, providing solutions to their most complex compliance and treatment hurdles.

By using advanced technologies and many years of hands-on experience, Veolia empowers utilities to achieve efficient, compliant, and cost-effective operations of the highest quality standards.

Business Cases

Urumqi - Xinjiang
Urumqi Wastewater treatment

The plant extension, which doubled the facility’s treatment capacity, was built by local companies under the supervision of Veolia Water Technologies. Veolia provides services of operations and expansion of the city’s Hedong Wastewater Treatment Plant and operations of biogas generators which turn sludge into renewable energy.

Sludge Treatment

Sludge is the semi-solid matter produced from various industrial processes, typically water treatment, wastewater treatment and sewage treatment. Sludge treatment refers to the range of processes used to reduce or remove potential health risks, remove water from the sludge and reduce its weight and volume, thus reducing disposal costs.

Veolia offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven sludge treatment processes and solutions to meet our customers' needs. Our capabilities encompass sludge digestion and cogeneration, thermal hydrolysis, and sludge incineration technologies. These mature offerings empower customers to achieve significant sludge reduction, stabilization, safe disposal, and beneficial reuse. 

Business Cases

Hongkong - China
T▪Park Sludge Treatment Facility

A self-sufficient facility that treats sewage sludge from 11 wastewater treatment plants in Hong Kong:
Convert the thermal power produced during sludge treatment into electricity to sustain its own operation. The surplus of electricity will be channeled to the local electricity grid.

Creating a 100% energy self-sufficient sewage treatment plant

We made the sewage treatment plant in Braunschweig, Germany, fully self-sufficient for its energy needs.
The team at the site, with a population-equivalent capacity of 275,000, worked with us to redefine its waste management systems with the goal of reaching energy self-sufficiency: biological wastewater treatment, thermophilic sludge digestion and codigestion with organic waste, cogeneration and biogas recovery.

Smart Water

Our Smart Water range of offers has been designed to support water authorities and industries to improve their water network management and infrastructure. They offer more than standard maintenance services or equipment supply, by offering unique innovations which are tailored to suit your water operation's needs.

In response to the challenges of the 21st century, Veolia’s range of Hubgrade Smart Digital Solutions can be used to remotely display, assess and optimize the management of water.

Seawater Desalination

Seawater desalination is an effective way to tackle water stress in arid coastal regions. It is a solution with great potential, considering that 40% of the world’s population live less than 100 kilometers from the sea, while 25% of them live within 25 kilometers. Desalination is also a suitable way of providing drinking water in places where natural water resources, such as river estuaries, inland and underground brackish water, are subject to high salinity levels.

With more than 40 years experience of operation and process, and a total treatment capacity of around 13 million m3 of water daily in 108 countries across the world, Veolia is a global leader in desalination. Leveraging advanced technology and profound industry expertise, we are committed to providing customers with efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly seawater desalination solutions, helping to alleviate the global water stress and promoting sustainable development.

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