Customized waste and recovery solutions for industries

By integrating a hazardous and non-hazardous waste management strategy into each industrial client's production processes, Veolia provides the clients with complete waste and recovery solutions, together with complementary industrial services to help optimize their use of resources and focus on their core business.

A leader in hazardous waste management
Veolia’s expertise lies in hazardous waste treatment. At present, we operate and/or construct several hazardous waste disposal projects in 7 provinces and municipalities of China. Veolia has comprehensive hazardous waste treatment technologies ranging from waste collection, transportation, recycling, physio-chemical treatment, and incineration to landfill. In the operational and technological aspect of hazardous waste management, Veolia has become a leading company in China with its customized solutions for local governments and corporate clients.

Aiming at building the “Three-center” of urban industrial development
With the acceleration of urban development, the needs of industrial clients and industrial parks for environmental protection are increasing as well. Veolia helps the urban industries reduce their environmental impact with its professional and full-range experience in hazardous waste management and industrial services, by which enabling itself to be an all-round environmental service specialist integrating industrial waste treatment center, emergency and risk control center and industrial service center.

Scope of service:

Industrial hazardous waste treatment center: 
The professional technologies for treatment, collection and recycling of waste to guarantee a safe treatment of hazardous waste.

Emergency and risk control center: 
To provide the professional aids as well as the evaluation and management of environmental risks for environmental emergency events of cities, parks and enterprises.

Industrial service center:
To provide enterprises and parks with services such as on-site total waste management, cleaning and maintenance of facilities, environmental management, pollution risk removal and remediation of contaminated sites, by which enabling itself to be a comprehensive environmental service specialist.