Tianjin Binhai Integrated Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre

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As a major industrial country, China contributes one tenth of the hazardous waste generated in the world each year, and this proportion continues to rise. To protect against the environmental and safety threats of hazardous waste and its toxic nature, Veolia offers expert integrated solutions for managing hazardous industrial, medical and household waste in various parts of China.

The proper treatment of hazardous waste is critical for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of communities, and therefore must be handled by specialised companies.

With decades of experience in providing professional hazardous waste management services globally, Veolia is a pioneer in the field in China, harnessing its state-of-the-art technology, efficient operations and integrated capabilities to support the sustainable development of China and its fast-developing industries.

Who are our customers?

Industrial clients

The Veolia Solution

Veolia developed a comprehensive, national-standard process of hazardous waste management combining incineration, physical and chemical treatment in one single facility. The design treatment capacity of the project is 45,300 tons per year.
In Tianjin Binhai, Veolia established an integrated hazardous waste treatment centre as an extension of its integrated hazardous waste treatment centre in Tianjin Hejia. It provides a full range of specialised hazardous waste services, managing the entire treatment process in compliance with national regulations and providing visibility into the lifecycle of hazardous waste.

Veolia built and currently operates the Binhai Integrated Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre to provide collection, transportation, storage and treatment services for hazardous wastes for over 400 clients. Veolia’s services cover a combination of physical and chemical treatment processes such as neutralisation, reduction, oxidation and precipitation. Handling 100 tons of waste per day, the facility’s high temperature incinerator is the largest in China in terms of volume, and produces heat which is subsequently used to generate steam for energy production. Veolia also put in place a network informational management system to trace the hazardous waste throughout its lifecycle.


Benefits for our customers

Regulation compliance

Modern, integrated waste treatment and disposal capabilities

Environmentally efficient operations