Veolia Review for 2022

Key events in 2022 and what to look forward

Year to Come 2023 and Year in Review 2022

what has Veolia been doing in the past year? What achievements have been made? 

Our Purpose

Resourcing the World
This year, Veolia went ahead, to drive ecological transformation and sustainable development on the basis of Veolia’s purpose

New Cooperation, together to move forward

Win-win has always been Veolia’s commitment towards all our stakeholders
On our journey towards ecological transformation, together with old and new friends
We are heading for a green and sustainable future

New management, inclusion and diversity

This year, on Veolia
Diversity and inclusiveness, sustainability and personal development have been confirmed as key pillars for our team
There were many "new" faces, and important moments to share, and get inspired by.

Keep moving forward and keep innovating

This year saw the successful merger of Veolia and Suez

With similar values, to establish a common cultural concept

and multiple appearances at exhibitions such as the IE Expo

 "Resourcing the world" together


It's all driven by powerful internal conviction and passion

Strive for balance within multi-facetted performance towards external stakeholders

We will coordinate the relationship among economic growth, carbon reduction and environmental protection management

Explore effective models for innovation

to achieve ecological transformation

Seek the benefits of reducing pollution and carbon emissions

Solve the problem of environmental crisis


Not just this year, but every year to come

Veolia will provide professional and innovative solutions

To accelerate the ecological transformation, together with our customers and partners

to achieve sustainable development