Our targets and commitments towards sustainability

Every day at Veolia, we work towards the mission of Resourcing the World. To put this into action, our strategies are threefold: Resourcing the Planet, Resourcing the Regions and Resourcing our People.

Our planet earth has provided us with a vast array of natural resources to live on. Yet, without preservation, our habitat starts to deteriorate. Our strategy of Resourcing the Planet aims to rectify this issue by supporting a circular economy to sustainably manage the natural resources, to develop strategies to combat climate change and to conserve as well as restore biodiversity so as to return it to an optimum state.

Resourcing the Planet


Characterized by the strong locality business nature and the direct interaction with people’s everyday lives, Veolia assumes the obligation to contribute to local development, improve the residents’ living environment by enhancing their access to crucial resources, and forge new business models to create shared values with local stakeholders. All these help improve the regional appeal and competitiveness of the cities where Veolia operates in, and this is what we do for Resourcing the Regions.

Resourcing the Regions


At Veolia, people is one of our most important assets, it is where all our innovations and performance excellence originate from. Resourcing our People is our prime responsibility which ensures the well-being and fulfilment of our 14,785 employees by providing them a healthy and safe workplace, creates an inclusive working environment that respects diversity and upholds human as well as fundamental social rights, and offer professional development for each and every one of them.

Resourcing our People


Along with our strategies are the targets we set to achieve sustainability by 2020.

Resourcing the planet

2020 targets associated with the Planet

Resourcing the Regions

2020 targets associated with the Regions

Resourcing our People

2020 targets associated with our People