2020 Target associated with our People

Guarantee respect for diversity and fundamental human and social rights

2020 Target

Ensure over 90% of employees have access to a social dialogue mechanism


Dialogue with employees

Committed to social cohesion and stability, particularly at a time when our organization is changing, we pay even more attention not only to the quality of social dialogue with employee representatives but also to respecting diversity, the principle of equal opportunity and to fighting discrimination.

Guarantee healthy and safe working environment

2020 Target

Achieve an occupational accident frequency rate of less than or equal to 6.5

Occupational health and safety

High-risk management standards

Veolia views the H&S of all employees and subcontractors as an absolute priority. Raising safety standards in China is therefore a constant focus for Veolia. Many measures have been taken to increase hazard awareness and enhance risk prevention, guaranteeing the physical safety and preserving the health of every employee at all times. These measures go from constant monitoring of working conditions to frequent H&S trainings through many initiatives to raise awareness and to empower employees to act for their safety.


Veolia OHS, 健康安全文化,职业健康安全,威立雅健康安全

Veolia's OH&S culture

OH&S policy setting

OH&S operational level activities


Encourage professional development and commitment of each employee

2020 Target

Deliver training to over 75% of employees annually

Maintain the rate of commitment for managers at over 80%

Aiming for zero accidents

Veolia’s performance highly depends on the talents recruited and retained in the company. The motivation and mobilization of our employees is our wealth and strength, our priorities include skills and career development, recognition of our employees and their performance as well as respecting their diversity. We have therefore established an ambitious training and HR development policy. A mechanism is also developed which aimed at our managers and more closely associates them with implementing our strategy.

Our achievements in China

Putting employees at the heart of the company

In China, Veolia’s top priorities are to provide employees with better working conditions, as well as opportunities for transfer of skills and knowledge, empowerment of local managers, career advancement and mobility.

Employees across China can openly discuss their duties, career development, mobility wishes and training needs during the annual appraisal with their supervisor, based on the principle of a structured and open dialogue. Veolia also places much emphasis on the possibility of mobility within the company to offer employees fulfilling career paths.

Veolia has developed an extensive training policy. Our training courses are available for employees from the moment they join the company and throughout their career. Our Veolia training centres deliver high-quality technical trainings for our employees in China.

In order to understand the company’s social performance and to progress, Veolia monitors its performance and gains knowledge through social reporting. This enables each of Veolia’s project in China to be aware of where they stand and lead to improvement in work conditions and social progression.