2020 Targets associated with the Planet

Circular economy

2020 Target

Global Environmental Management System coverage of 100% for our operational activities

Achieve €3.8 billion of revenue linked to circular economy

Capture more than 60% of methane in the waste disposal facilities we manage


At Veolia, we are committed to helping customers gain value by going circular

Instead of throwing things away when they’ve served their purpose, we believe everything that we buy, use or consume should be recycled or converted into energy. We support a circular economy where materials are reused and remanufactured as standard, products are designed to last longer and sustainability is an integral part of our lives. Everything we do works towards making this vision a reality for our customers.
Leading the way

Closed-loop thinking is at the heart of our business. This is why we’re making a fundamental shift in our business model from service supplier to resource producer by manufacturing green products and energy. By doing this we can meet our customers’ environmental challenges and offer fully integrated resourcing solutions.
Re-shaping the future

We are working hard to create a future in which end-of-life resources are transformed into products that enrich our lives and can power our homes and industry. The circular economy already represents 20% of our turnover and we are constantly developing innovative ways to develop access to, preserve and replenish resources.

We know we can achieve this with customer collaboration as the examples in our case studies illustrate. That’s why we need to talk. We want to work with you to help you turn more materials into a resource and help you gain value by going circular.


2020 Target

Make a diagnosis and deploy an action plan in 100% of the sites where biodiversity has been identified as presenting significant challenge

Biodiversity diagnosis

Biodiversity conservation

To help reduce the loss of biodiversity worldwide, Veolia is involved on two levels. By continuously improving the environmental performance related to our business, we are helping to limit the impact on the natural environment, thus preserving biodiversity. By ecologically managing the areas entrusted to us, we create conditions favorable to maintaining local species and their habitat, thus restoring biodiversity.

Climate change

2020 Target

Cliimate Change

100 million CO2 equivalent tons of emissions reduced over the period 2015- 2020

​50 million CO2 equivalent tons of emissions avoided over the period 2015- 2020

Climate change has now become a commonplace topic of discussion around the world. It is a nemesis faced by the entire human race, causing a lot of bizarre environmental phenomena in recent years.

Veolia has developed a number of tools to help reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. Firstly, by reducing emissions from the facilities we manage (energy efficiency, optimizing operational performance, using renewable energy, methane destruction, through some of the Group’s operating methods). Secondly, through our activities (including recovery of energy or materials) helping third parties avoid emissions.