Veolia Provides State-of-the-Art Municipal Water Solutions in China

Experts are predicting that by 2030, China’s water demand will outstrip supply if the rapidly developing nation continues its current consumption levels. As water scarcity can pose serious risks to the nation’s economic and social stability, China must identify new solutions to protect and improve access to this vital resource.


Our Services in Municipal Waste Market

Veolia uses AquadiagTM, a proprietary water network diagnostic tool to keep China’s underground water network in optimal shape.

Preserving water resources in China
China has 20% of the world’s population but only 7% of its fresh water, and the demand is only growing. Urbanisation, a skyrocketing population and pollution are putting a huge amount of stress on the country’s fresh water supply. Veolia’s focus in China, therefore, is to support municipalities to improve their water infrastructure and establish systems to manage their water distribution and consumption of water. Veolia also employs market-leading technologies to recycle water and preserve valuable water resource.

Reducing water pollution
Industrial chemicals, agricultural waste and human activity have rendered nearly two-thirds of China’s underground water heavily polluted and unfit for consumption. Veolia operates municipal wastewater treatment facilities on behalf of municipalities in China to ensure wastewater is properly treated, improving the quality of effluent before it is discharged back into the environment.

Improving access to clean, drinking water
One of the greatest challenges for China is to ensure sufficient drinking water supply for its 1.4 billion population. To support municipalities in making safe, clean drinking water more widely available to the people, Veolia provides local municipalities with full drinking water services, including water treatment, management of water network and distribution and customer service. 

Our Solutions in the Municipal Water Market

Shanghai Pudong Full Water Services
Shanghai Pudong Full Water Services
Urumqi Wastewater Treatment Project Photo
Urumqi Wastewater Treatment Project

AquadiagTM provides solutions for a variety of water network issues:

AquadiagTM is an advanced technology for water network diagnosis. A mobile unit fully equipped with the latest water quality monitoring technology, Aquadiag acts as a mini laboratory and can quickly diagnose the condition of a water network, making network management and renewal planning much more efficient.

Network management: It assesses the condition of the pipes, identifying sediment levels and any corrosion, leaks and damage, and reducing water loss.

Water quality: It measures the quality of water across the full length of a pipe, optimising it against quality threats including bacterial growth and disinfection issues, among others.

Asset management: It enables potential cost savings by helping to prioritise renewal projects, streamlining cleaning strategies and improving overall customer satisfaction.