Shanghai Pudong Full Water Services

Veolia, 上海浦东, 威立雅浦东

Urbanisation and overwhelming demand are putting a strain on China’s water supply, a situation that requires technological innovative to keep from worsening. Veolia, with its vast experience in municipal water management, treatment and recycling, is helping Chinese municipalities to improve people’s access to clean drinking water.


Rapid urbanisation, a growing population and robust industrial activity are putting stress on China’s clean water supply, threatening the nation’s continued economic and social wellbeing.

Given China’s unique situation, a truly capable municipal water operator needs to be able to improve the quality of water infrastructures and transfer know-how while respecting local culture and management.

Who are our customers?

Municipal clients


The Veolia Solution

Veolia champions world-leading standards in water services in the Shanghai-Pudong district, an area that has seen its population increase by more than 1.5 million since 2002. By implementing advanced technologies in drinking water management, Veolia doubled the size of the district’s water distribution network, supplying water to more than 3.8 million residents in the area.

This is the first largest Public-Private Partnership in China’s water industry and the first time a foreign operator has shared the entire management of a Chinese water company to provide full water services. Veolia’s solutions include the engineering-design, operation and management of water treatment systems, design, installation and enhancement of drinking water distribution network, real-time monitoring of infrastructure and multi-channel customer service.

Partnering with Veolia means gaining access to a mix of rich experience and cutting-edge technologies, which not only enhances the efficiency and quality of water supply but also helps lower cost and capital expenditure. 

Benefits for our customers 

 Operational Excellence

Lower Costs and Capital Expenditure

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