Urumqi Wastewater Treatment Project

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Veolia offers effective wastewater treatment technologies to respond to water treatment needs, while also deploying solutions to makewastewater treatment process a source of renewable energy, significantly reducing the environmental impact of wastewater treatment plants.

The growth and evolution of China’s economy and urbanisation point to the need for wastewater treatment to adapt to social challenges and align with a sustainable circular economy model.

As Chinese municipalities recognise the need for more wastewater treatment to respond to demands for better environment, they also know that the best solutions are ones that are scaled to adapt to social challenges, which means those that are optimised for energy efficiency and carbon and water footprint reduction.

Who are our customers?

Municipal clients

The Veolia Solution

Urumqi is the capital of the autonomous province of Xinjiang. With 1.5 million inhabitants and a booming economy, the region experienced a sharp growth in the need for both water supply and wastewater treatment over the last two decades. The municipality appointed Veolia to modernise a local wastewater treatment plant to increase treatment capacity, and to build a sludge treatment facility onsite to turn sludge into renewable energy.

Veolia renovated and expanded the Hedong Wastewater Treatment Plant in Urumqi, doubling its treatment capacity from 200,000m3to 400,000m3 per day. The increased capacity produces more reusable water for irrigation purposes and reduces the pressure on local drinking water resource. The facility upgrade also included the installation of biogas generators to turn sludge into renewable energy, which covers all of the heating needs and 45% of the energy needs of the site. The plant achieved an 80% savings in carbon emissions in 2014.

By deploying solutions aligned to circular economy approaches, Veolia significantly reduced the energy balance and carbon footprint of the wastewater treatment plant.

Benefits for our customers

Doubled Wastewater Treatment Capacity 

Energy Self Sufficiency

80% CO2 Emissions Savings