Veolia China

Discover newly launched The Essentials 2020-2021 and read more about "Veolia, the benchmark company for the Ecological Transformation".
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How and why
CO2 is one of the main greenhouse created by human and industrial activities. Increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is accelerating the climate crisis.
In 2020, Veolia stayed the calls and looked to the future to become the global champion of Ecological Transformation.
Veolia treats domestic and industry wastewater to create a new resource that can be reused.
Every day, we collect sludge for treatment, elimination and recovery locally and regionally.
Using local low-carbon energy with smart and careful resource management, local loops of energy transform and improve the energy cycle in urban areas.
Veolia helps the oil and gas industry to reduce their environmental footprint
and thus meet the new challenges
and environmental issues.
Recycling has become a priority today, which is why Veolia is committed to recycling plastic in the form of reusable granules.