Christophe Maquet visited Veolia Hong Kong's project sites

In May and June 2021, Christophe Maquet, the newly appointed Senior Executive Vice President for Veolia's Asia zone and a member of the Executive Committee of Veolia, the world's leading environmental services group for ecological transformation, took his time to visit Veolia Hong Kong’s project sites.

During Christophe’s visits, he met with employees from different operation functions, learnt about their respective roles and was given a thorough understanding of how each project is a meaningful solution and an embodiment of ecological transformation that can create a positive impact on the planet.

A Q&A session was also hosted for our employees to interact with Christophe, where they voiced their questions, work challenges etc. 

While on site during one of his visits, Christophe took the opportunity to give out the monthly I See I Act award, a health and safety initiative that encourages employees to report potential safety hazards and suggest suitable corrective action. He reinforced once again that H&S is non-negotiable in Veolia, and thanks to the vigilance of everyone, Veolia is able to keep each other safe and maintain an exceptional health and safety track record.

To conclude his tour, Christophe expressed his deepest appreciation for the hard work by our employees, particularly under the current pandemic and also how their unwavering commitments will lead Veolia to becoming the benchmark company for ecological transformation.