Liquid and Hazardous Waste Treatment

Veolia helps our customers address their main environmental challenges in hazardous waste management by ensuring compliant and safe management of hazardous waste with full traceability, storage or recycling, and contribute to improving environmental impact. 

Veolia provides sustainable, compliant and cost effective solution to some of today’s toughest waste challenges.

→ Hazardous Waste Management

Veolia is a leader in the sector of hazardous waste treatment and disposal. Currently operating in 7 provinces and direct-controlled municipalities in China, Veolia provides tailored solutions to the local governments and industries. Its comprehensive expertise covers waste collection, transportation, recovery, physio-chemical treatment, incineration and landfilling.

→ Medical Waste Management

The proper treatment of infectious medical waste is of great importance to human health and environmental protection because of its biological toxicity and corrosiveness. Veolia has experience in the whole process of medical waste disposal from collection, storage, transfer and treatment, thereby ensuring appropriate medical waste disposal services to cities.

→ Soil Remediation

Veolia is accomplished in site investigation and remediation and able to provide feasible comprehensive solution according to contamination characteristics, extent, future land use, and etc.