LI Jidong, VP of BD

"Facing different requests from different customers, we need to come up with the best and most innovative solutions to bring value to all parties."


To Provide Our Clients with Best and Most Innovative Solutions

Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we leverage cutting-edge digital technologies to lead our team in developing new systems and creating innovative models. Our goal is to offer Veolia's long-term services and solutions in the areas of water, energy, and waste.

We strive to tailor unique and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, bringing added value to both our clients and shareholders. Together, we take significant strides towards our shared objectives of ecological transformation.


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"Accelerating the circular economy for plastics will turn the tide!"
"Optimizing the energy consumption of buildings will turn the tide!"
"Giving new life to wastewater will turn the tide!"
"Saving energy and reducing emission with digital tools will turn the tide!"
"Implementing the industrial IoT transformation will turn the tide!"
"Ensuring safety of drinking water will turn the tide!"
"Improving waste treatment with technological innovation will turn the tide!"
"Recycling Based on Emission Reduction will turn the tide!"


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The world over, they talk to us about how they are taking action to depollute, decarbonize and regenerate resources.