FANG Bin, Sr. Manager of Industrial Digital

"Through digitalization I can imagine seeing all the panoramic pictures of the physical factory in our office in the future, realizing remote inspection and optimization, and improving the efficiency to the extreme."


A Promising Future for Digital Transformation of IoTs

In collaboration with Veolia China's Hazardous Waste team, we are actively supporting the implementation of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) transformation. Through digitalization, we are able to achieve real-time monitoring of 24/7 emissions and operational conditions for all hazardous waste projects, and promptly notify on-site maintenance personnel for optimization.

Our focus is on accurately meeting customized customer requirements by establishing a robust big data platform, which serves as the foundation for the digital transformation of Veolia China's Hazardous Waste business. As pioneers in the innovation of IoTs, we are committed to fulfilling our promise of ecological transformation to our shareholders, employees, and society as a whole!




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