Veolia Partners with China’s Industries to Improve Industrial Water Performance

China's latest water policy, the Water Ten Plan, introduces tightened regulations and stricter enforcement targeting heavily polluting industries. With years of experience operating industrial water treatment services, Veolia is a reliable partner to help companies navigate the new policy landscape and provide innovative industrial water solutions that comply with regulations and minimise environmental impact.

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Our Services in Industrial Water Market

As a leading partner for industries, Veolia guarantees the performance of its water services. Our operators work around the clock to optimise the productivity of water and wastewater treatment, ensure compliance with environmental regulations, and enhance the overall cost-effectiveness of water and effluent treatment plants.

Many industrial companies in various industries entrust Veolia with all or part of the management of their water cycle, from producing process water, to treating and recycling wastewater and sludge. Veolia possesses competitive solutions and top-level expertise to provide water services to clients in the following industries:


The chemical industry is constantly challenged to improve productivity, reduce costs, comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards and to ensure water supply on work sites at all times.

Veolia is trusted by chemical manufacturing sites around the world to design solutions for their water and wastewater treatment facilities and processes. Veolia’s expertise spans production expansion requirements, process revamps, restructuring support functions and other undertakings related to water and wastewater facilities. Veolia supports the industry by offering flexible financing solutions, and when taking charge of existing facilities, proposes the transfer and integration of the client’s personnel into its own operating teams.

Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

The hydrocarbon processing industry uses huge volumes of water primarily for the energy management of its sites, so consumption control and resource preservation are key priorities for the industry.

Veolia supports the hydrocarbon processing industry by offering technological expertise to cover the full water cycle, sludge management and in-process solutions such as water network maintenance and wastewater treatment. Veolia also facilitates the use of alternative resources and reuse of certain substances, and reduces pollution generated by effluents and sludge.

Petroleum and Gas Industries

A heavy consumer of water resources, the oil and gas industry is subject to increasingly stringent environmental standards and is under constant pressure to obtain or maintain their licence to operate.

A heavy consumer of water resources, the oil and gas industry is subject to increasingly stringent environmental standards and is under constant pressure to obtain or maintain their licence to operate.

Food and beverage

Water is a critical element for the food and beverage industry, whether as a key ingredient in food and beverage production, processing aid or energy utility. The industry also faces numerous and changing requirements in the sanitary, economic and environmental domains.

Veolia supports the food and beverage industry by offering innovative solutions that guarantee food safety, reduce energy bills, and overcome limited water resources. Veolia currently operates water and wastewater treatment facilities in several hundred food plants spanning a large variety of food products, and provides services ranging from facility maintenance and on-site technical assistance to complete management of the industrial water cycle.

Pulp and Paper

Cost efficiency and reducing environmental impact are the primary concerns in the pulp and paper industry.

Veolia draws on 40 years of experience in pulp and paper to provide paper manufacturers with technological solutions that reduce costs and optimise water consumption per ton of pulp and paper produced. Veolia has installed over 1,000 water treatment facilities in the pulp and paper sector worldwide, managing production of utility and process water, black liquor treatment, and wastewater and sludge treatment.


Water is important to the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient in formulations and as a cleaning agent. Production of purified water, highly purified water, pyrogen-free water and water for injection to international pharmaceutical standards is a critical process in this industry.

Veolia brings unparalleled experience to create and deliver complete pharmaceutical water systems that meet and exceed international standards. Veolia’s expertise in the industry includes generating purified water, producing water for injection, storage and distribution and wastewater treatment. Its services help pharmaceutical companies improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs while upholding process security and product quality.


Automotive manufacturers and their supply chains have four main objectives: manufacture quality products, reducing costs, improving their plants’ environmental record and maintaining good labour relations on production sites.

Veolia provides innovative technological solutions to meet the automotive industry’s specific needs, including building plants to supply demineralised or RO permeate water for surface treatment, treatment of oil-water emulsions, treatment of factory waste including recycling methods that aim for Zero Liquid Discharge, and complete management of the water cycle, systems and biological wastewater treatment plants.

Primary Metals

The primary metals industry is highly dependent on reliable water management to maintain stability in its productivity, quality and profitability.

Veolia has a long history of providing water management service for the primary metals industry, and understands the specific challenges facing the industry. Veolia manages both internal and external water and wastewater loops, guaranteeing the availability of quality water required by the production and provides Zero Liquid Discharge solutions. Veolia also develops environmentally-friendly solutions to minimise environmental impact and preserve natural resources.


A constant supply of quality water is crucial for the microelectronics industry, making it highly dependent on reliable water services that guarantee quality, quantity and continuity.

Veolia provides cutting-edge solutions and advanced facilities to process the entire water cycle in a facility, including producing ultrapure water, treating wastewater, recovering products and recycling and reusing water for better resources management and water conservation. Microelectronics manufacturers are able to achieve a reduction in overall water consumption when they integrate their operations with Veolia’s water treatment systems.


The key focus areas for water solutions in power industry are system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Veolia supports the power generation industry by designing tailor-made managements systems for the complete water and wastewater cycle. Around the world, Veolia helps hundreds of power generation plants design, install, commission and service the power plant water treatment cycle, from pre-treatment, cooling water production and cooling systems management, effluent treatments and reuse including sludge treatment disposal and Zero Liquid Discharge technologies.

Our Solutions in the Industrial Water Market

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