Tianjin Soda Project

Tianjin Soda

China currently constitutes more than one-third of the global chemicals market, and the industry is still growing. To cope with increased production needs, more robust competition and more stringent environmental standards and policies, the chemicals industry needs an experienced and credible partner like Veolia to support its expanding water and wastewater management requirements.

Chemical industry needs greater production efficiency to keep pace with demand spikes and changing industry landscape.

With unsurpassed dedication, expertise and access to innovative technologies, Veolia is a reliable and credible partner to help the chemical industry meet heightening demands to improve productivity, reduce costs, comply with standards and policies, and ensure water supply on work sites at all times. 


Who are our customers?

Chemical Industry

The Veolia Solution

Through a joint venture with Tianjin Soda, Veolia helps improve efficiency and reduce costs for the leading Chinese chemical manufacturer, managing all of its industrial water and waste treatment facilities and innovating to reduce its water footprint.

Since 2007, Veolia has been managing the full water and wastewater cycle at the site of Tianjin Soda, one of China’s largest chemical manufacturers. Veolia is responsible foroverseeing all of the industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. As a partner, Veolia stays attuned to the fluctuations in the industry and the customer’s production activities, tailoring its services and strategies to achieve optimal performance at all times. This attentive partnership from Veolia has paved the way to effective new solutions, including the partial reuse of wastewater to reduce the site’s water footprint, which has resulted in 30% of the treated wastewater being reused in the site’s cooling systems since 2014.  

To support the chemical complex’s substantial growth, Veolia continues to elevate production efficiency at the site with tailored solutions. 

Benefits for our customers

Regulatory Compliance

Water Footprint Reduction

Improved efficiency and cost reduction