WEEE sorting and recycling


China's regulation on the Administration of the Recovery and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products came into force in 2011. This confirmed the establishment of 3 basic systems for the sorting and recycling of WEEE, namely the catalog management system of disassembly of WEEE products, the qualification licensing system of related companies, and the disassembly and disposal fund system of WEEE products. Since 2003, Europe has started to require WEEE producers to fund and organize the collection and recycling of their products.

Veolia has the technical know-how in treating and recycling WEEE from both industrial and domestic origin in an environmentally friendly way while ensuring their traceability. For example, computers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioning units, cables, phones, mobile phones and so on.

Significant progress

Veolia adopts innovative solutions to sort and recycle WEEE which contains potentially hazardous components. In Angers, France, Veolia employs a WEEE recycling facility tailored for household appliances and has overachieved the recycling rate target set by the European Union.

Comprehensive total solution

The scope of services offered by Veolia ranges from on-site delivery of containers to reporting and remediation, treatment and recovery at certified sites.