Waste management

A wide range of expertise in municipal waste activities.


Veolia has a wide range of expertise in recycling, collecting, transferring, treating and valorising waste, so that waste produced by human activities can be re-absorbed into the economic cycle while being treated in an environmentally friendly way.
Veolia provides the best solutions for municipalities, with a vision for sustainable development that takes into account management system needs, regional development and urban planning:

  • Upstream waste sorting and separate collection for efficient recycling and treatment
  • Operation of waste collection centres
  • Urban cleaning services and sewage piping system maintenance
  • Stable treatment of municipal waste such as waste to energy andlandfill

Whether for large or small urban centres, Veolia provides continuing and long-term waste management services in conjunction with the requirements of municipal authorities.

A leader in hazardous waste treatment
Veolia is a leader in hazardous waste safe treatment and disposal in USA, Australia, Europe and China. Its professional technology in treating, recycling and recovering useful materials ensures that hazardous waste is covered entirety in its treatment process.
From separate collection to appropriate recycling
Hazardous waste needs to be collected separately to allow for recycling and resource recovery. Veolia uses innovative chemical processes to extract recyclable material from liquid and waste.
Comprehensive hazardous waste management
Veolia ensures comprehensive hazardous waste management in collection, transport, recovery, physicochemical treatment, incineration or landfill disposal. Its services aim to provide municipalities with the safe treatment of hazardous waste while fulfilling all reporting and transparency requirements.

Resource recovery

Veolia offers innovative, customized solutions in a number of fields, be it:
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