Veolia Waste Solutions Help Alleviate China’s “Siege of Trash”

A World Bank report projects that in eight years, the Chinese will generate nearly 1.4 million tons of garbage each day, twice the volume forecasted for America. The anticipated surge in waste volumes is associated with a growing population with rising incomes and higher standards of living.

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Our Services in Municipal Waste Market

Veolia works toward its vision of “Resourcing the World” by improving access to resources through their preservation and replenishment. Each day, Veolia treats and recovers unrecyclable municipal waste, making it useful again as a source of energy to power cities and industries with electricity, heating and processed steam.

Improving waste treatment, recycling, landfilling and waste-to-energy
To cope with the rapid accumulation of municipal waste in Chinese provinces and cities, Veolia provides a wide range of solutions for municipalities to manage waste, including its recycling, treatment and valorisation. Veolia offers expertise in treating municipal waste for waste-to-energy and landfill applications, easing the burden on energy resources.


Characteristics of waste in China
Municipal solid waste in China is comprised mostly of food waste, with a high moisture content and corresponding high numbers of bacteria. Veolia’s advanced systems can track dry and wet waste and identify suitable treatment channels for recovery or recycling according to the waste characteristics, protecting the wellbeing of humans and the environment.

Our Solutions in the Municipal Waste Market

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