Veolia Specialist Energy Solutions Bring Value and Competitiveness to Industries

With fuel prices and awareness of carbon emission both on an upward trend, manufacturers are prioritising their focus on effectively managing their energy costs and utility as a way to stay competitive. Veolia offers a range of reliable, cost-effective energy solutions to help industrial organisations optimise their energy efficiencies, reducing costs as well as carbon footprint.

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Our Services in Industrial Energy Market

Developing the use of renewable energy 
Veolia develops cutting-edge energy recovery programmes and develops the use of renewable energy, preserving and replenishing precious energy resources. 

As an energy specialist, Veolia leverages advanced technology and operational know-how to bring added-value to industrial customers. 

Veolia helps industrial facilities in China reduce carbon footprint and cost of power generation through its design and operation of combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration plants. The CHP process uses renewable biomass that is usually discarded as waste to generate electricity and heat to power and warm up cities or industrial facilities. Veolia’s CHP Plants in China have enabled key industrial zones to become energy and heat self-sufficient.

Outsourced Services
Veolia provides services as an outsourced energy specialist, managing and enhancing a client’s energy facilities operations and assets. With its extensive experience in working with industrial partners, Veolia brings the client the best-in-class energy management advisory and deliverables on the most flexible terms. 

Our Solutions in the Industrial Energy Market

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