Veolia Enhances Building Efficiency in Urban China

With China’s cities growing faster than ever, its commercial, residential and municipal buildings are consuming more energy, including heat, electricity and gas. Veolia’s targeted energy management services optimise the energy and environmental performance of buildings, which translates to added value for building managers facing rising fuel costs and increasingly demanding environmental regulations.

Our Services in Commercial Energy Market

Hubgrade, Veolia’s state-of-the-art monitoring centre, offers real-time visibility into the energy systems of buildings, letting analysts manage issues remotely or on-site. It is also fully transparent to clients, helping them plan and prioritise the use of their resources.
Veolia is an unsurpassed service provider for energy-efficient buildings thanks to its operation know-how and comprehensive experience managing buildings around the world. Through an energy optimisation centre that operates over a digital network, Veolia can monitor the energy efficiency of buildings in real-time, allowing its service team to take immediate action in the case of malfunctions, or contributing to deeper analysis for longer-term improvements. Veolia’s smart energy management resources help clients save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, and ultimately see reductions in their energy bills.

Our Solutions in the Commercial Energy market

Chongqing Dayuan: Sincere Center (Xiexin)
Chongqing Dayuan: Jiaheyumao Hong Kong City