Veolia 360° Virtual Facility Tour Platform

The platform allows you to take a 360° panoramic view of Veolia's facility in the comfort of your own place.

For those who want to learn about Veolia's brand and business, projects and factories, we launched “Veolia 360° Virtual Facility Tour Platform”. This platform allows you to take a 360° panoramic view around the interior of a Veolia's facility anytime and anyplace and provides both text and audio guides to help you learn more about Veolia's expertise and solutions and also gives descriptively explanations to each key point, along with many images and other multimedia resources.

Currently, the first facility available online is the Tianjin Binhai Hejia Veolia - Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility, which is a national demonstration project of hazardous waste treatment and disposal. Through an online tour, you can learn about the whole process of hazardous waste management from cradle to grave and how to prevent hazardous waste from secondary pollution.

The Veolia 360° Virtual Facility Tour digital platform supports online browsing on numerous electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

You may also scan the below QR code with your smartphone to begin your full-screen experience.


Tianjin Binhai Hejia Veolia - Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility consists of 16 scenes. Various disposal workshops and key areas are shown in the scene in a 360° panoramic view, such as: Laboratory, Pilot Workshop, PCT, Incineration, Central Control Room and so on. Click the keywords in the screen, there will be a corresponding detailed text and image introduction. You can also drag the mouse on the platform to switch viewing angles and explore more details.

There are a variety of functions in the platform to provide comprehensive information for the "tourists" and make the virtual tour immersive. For example, language switch, voice guide, theme tour and so on.

Veolia continues to innovate in its professional fields with innovative services and cutting-edge expertise to improve its own and customers' environmental footprints, enhance the environment performance of regions and cities, and human progress and the well-being of future generations. We will also be selecting and launching more virtual tours for various distinctive Veolia’s facilities in China and even in Asia in the future. Stay tuned!