Shanghai Laogang Landfill Phase IV LFGTE

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In China’s major cities, the immense amount of waste is presenting a significant environmental challenge. Traditional landfills are the most common solution for the collection and treatment of municipal waste, but they also generate large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. 

Pioneering new landfill and energy technologies can transform landfills into sustainable green assets that generate new resources and reduce landfill greenhouse gas emissions.

Veolia deploys solutions to turn landfills into resource recovery projects, helping Chinese municipalities cope with anticipated continued development and tackle environmental and business challenges. Recovering energy from landfill biogas is not only a way to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, but also an important factor in achieving a circular economy.

Who are our customers?

Shanghai municipalities

The Veolia Solution

Veolia’s advanced landfill Waste-to-Energy capabilities help clients achieve significant reductions not only in greenhouse gas emissions, but also consumption of traditional energy in the local community.

In Shanghai Laogang, Veolia enabled a landfill gas recovery and utilisation project to generate electricity from methane, reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the site and avoiding further carbon emissions. The site also delivers high-standard treatment of landfill by-products before discharge, minimising environmental impact. The project is the largest of its kind in Asia and is registered by the United Nations in 2012 as a Clean Development Mechanism.

Veolia designed, built, and oversees the daily operation of the Shanghai Laogang Landfill Phase IV Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, the largest landfill in China in terms of capacity and daily intake. Veolia installed a collection and pre-treatment system to capture and recover biogas, and a power generation unit to turn the gas into electricity. The 11 generators produce approximately 100,000 MWh of green energy each year, equivalent to the energy consumption of 100,000 households.


Benefits for our customers

Biogas Recovery and Green Energy Generation

Reduction and Prevention of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cost Reductions