Resourcing our People

1. Guarantee respect for diversity and fundamental human and social rights

2020 Target
Ensure over 90% of employees have access to a social dialogue mechanism

Committed to social cohesion and stability, particularly at a time when our organization is changing, we pay even more attention not only to the quality of social dialogue with employee representatives but also to respecting diversity, the principle of equal opportunity and to fighting discrimination.


2. Guarantee healthy and safe working environment

2020 Target
Achieve an occupational accident frequency rate of less than or equal to 6.5

Veolia places the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) of its employees at the heart of its values. Fully committed to achieving zero workplace accidents, Veolia adopts the Five Pillars of OH&S Culture to ensure a company-wide focus on health and safety:    

3. Encourage professional development and commitment of each employee

2020 Target
Deliver training to over 75% of employees annually
Maintain the rate of commitment for managers at over 80%

Veolia’s performance highly depends on the talents recruited and retained in the company. The motivation and mobilization of our employees is our wealth and strength, our priorities include skills and career development, recognition of our employees and their performance as well as respecting their diversity. We have therefore established an ambitious training and HR development policy. A mechanism is also developed which aimed at our managers and more closely associates them with implementing our strategy.