Pulp & paper

Drawing on 40 years of experience in pulp and paper, as well as a network of subsidiaries across the world, Veolia provides paper manufacturers with a selection of technological solutions covering the entire range of requirements inherent to the water cycle: production of utility water and process water, evaporation concentration of black liquor and chloride and potassium removal through crystallization, wastewater and sludge treatment downstream of the production unit. Veolia has installed over 1,000 water treatment facilities throughout the world in the pulp and paper sector.

Veolia also provides its pulp and paper clients with water treatment operation and maintenance services, with guaranteed availability of their facilities and high quality of treated water at both supply and discharge points. A partnership with Veolia is synonymous with:optimized treatment efficiency and operating costs;
continuous compliance with environmental standards;
high health and safety standards, facilities security.16 Pulp and Paper manufacturers, located in Europe, North America and South Africa, have already chosen Veolia to handle their water treatment facilities.
Veolia possesses expertise for:Boiler feed water and process water
Wastewater treatment
Sludge reduction
Recycling by-products (black liquor treatment) and water
Reducing costs and environmental impacts​