Primary metals

Water is essential to the primary metals industry, though other materials required for production might get considerably more attention. However without reliable water management - productivity, quality and profitability is endangered.

Veolia is a company with a long tradition of serving the primary metals industry as provider of water management services and supplier of water related installations. As such, we have seen the challenges facing the industry at close distance. We have used our R&D resources to develop environmentally-friendly solutions to minimize the industry's environmental impacts and to preserve natural resources and we have trained our engineering and operational staff to place reliability, safety and cost efficiency at the forefront of their activities.
When Veolia take on the responsibility of your water installations:
  • we guarantee availability of water in the amount and the quality your production requires;
  • we can manage both internal and external water and wastewater loops;
  • we also provide Zero Liquid Discharge solutions if this is your request We focus on providing the water services your production requires with due consideration to:  efficiency , environment , health and safety