Incineration is the most direct way to treat and dispose of hazardous waste. With mature and reliable technology that adapts through its design to every type of waste, Veolia’s hazardous waste-to-energy facilities can help customers meet stable operation, easy maintenance, reasonable economics, scientific management, environmental protection and health and safety goals.
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 ​High Temperature Incineration is proven safe for hazardous organic chemicals and materials not suitable for other treatments

It's considered as the most environmentally friendly choice for chemicals and high-density materials: some waste including persistent organic pollutants and high-density materials must be destroyed with the highest level of security in accordance with the law and commercial security;

Incineration under high temperature is widely used and effective. This process – with temperatures above 1100°C – achieves a destruction rate of 99.99% and is the best way to thoroughly destroy hazardous waste, whether it be excess and expired products, laboratory waste and reagents, electronic waste or contaminated soil.