Veolia dismantles oil and gas platforms, ships, airplanes and industrial facilities in accordance with international environmental laws while safely recovering all recyclable materials.
退役设施拆解, Decommissioning

Dismantling of oil and gas platforms
Veolia ensures its industrial customers cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly solutions to the logistical and safety challenges presented by dismantling offshore oil and gas platforms.

Ship dismantling
Thanks to its wealth of experience in dismantling oil and gas platforms, Veolia possesses unique expertise for dealing with the environmental issues raised by end-of-life ships, doing so in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Airplane dismantling
Veolia is an expert in the field thanks to its subsidiary, Bartin Recycling Group. Veolia has created the first European facility for airplane dismantling at the Châteauroux airport in France.


End-of-life industrial facility dismantling
Buildings present safety and security liabilities for owners when they cease to be productive. The associated costs over time can mount up and it's often more economical to make a site available for sale or reuse. Working with a wide range of industrial customers, Veolia transforms disused buildings and plants into a profitable resource.