Energy solutions to boost competitiveness for industries

In these times of rising fuel costs and increased awareness of the carbon footprint, energy has become a competitiveness factor for manufacturers. Everything is at stake at their sites. Veolia, as a decentralized energy specialist, provides them with high value added energy solutions that meet their reliability, quality, availability and cost requirements.
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From agrifoods and automobiles to industries as diverse as pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, metalworking and refining, manufacturers all want to focus on just one thing: their core business.

That's why Veolia provides the design, engineering, procurement, operating and maintenance support they need to reduce their energy supply costs, manage their consumption, and benefit from effective resources for energy production, distribution and use.


Optimizing the energy chain
Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two major challenges for industry. By tailoring our solutions to the number and variety of sites we manage and by broadening our range of services and scope of action, we are helping our customers meet these challenges across the energy management chain.

Customer responses to each industry's needs
Each industry requires a custom approach to its specific challenges. This includes managing hazardous situations in chemicals manufacturing and delivering a continuous supply of steam in paper making, providing ultra clean air in pharmaceuticals and meeting production line flexibility requirements in automobile plants. We base our response on the highest quality and safety standards, as well as our knowledge of the customers' environment.

From utilities to outsourced general support services
We handle a whole range of aligned services to optimize the energy and environmental performance of customer facilities. These include energy utility management, production resource maintenance, HVAC systems, technical building and infrastructure management and outsourced general support services.

Veolia offers high value-added services to hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and other public and private healthcare establishments to free them from a host of non-medical tasks, ranging from temperature control to ensure patient and staff comfort to building maintenance. In particular, we offer energy management, health-risk management and comprehensive building management services.

Managing energy
We draw on our extensive energy management expertise and our broad array of technical services to create a comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff; provide an uninterrupted power supply for technical installations; ensure that chilling, steam, medical vacuum and other utility systems meet quality and volume requirements for medical and logistic uses; and optimize energy consumption.

Meeting the critical challenge of safety
For healthcare establishments, safety is mission critical, day in, day out. Our first job is to mitigate health risks, such as hospital-acquired infections, and to raise awareness of safety issues and inform and train teams. Safety is also at the core of our commitment to continuous improvement, from regulatory and environmental audits to management of technical risks.

Supporting establishments' changing need
Due to the constant changes in healthcare establishments' infrastructure, needs and environment, it is crucial to offer flexible services based on an in-depth understanding of the sector's concerns — and that is just what we do. These include optimizing building operating costs to meet budget requirements for medical activities and ensuring that facilities are consistently upgraded and comply with standards.

Comfortable surroundings and a quality environment: Veolia delivers effective solutions for energy optimization and comprehensive building management to both tenants and housing providers.

In partnership with our customers — public and private housing managers and operators — we ensure the comfort and well-being of millions of building residents.

Ensuring residents' comfort and safety
We maintain installations, manage technical and health risks and provide such basic services as heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning and management of technical and electrical systems.

Maintaining property assets and increasing their value
We keep buildings and facilities in top condition to ensure residents' well-being and protect the owners' investment. Services here include building technical management and scheduled maintenance to comply with technical, health, environmental and other standards.

Helping keep costs down
To reduce the cost of use for building occupants and facilitate management for housing providers, we optimize energy spending and operating expenses, modernize facilities and align services to each unit's actual needs.
Tertiary sector

Veolia ensures a comfortable environment for staff and the public in office buildings, shopping centers, leisure facilities, schools, research establishments, railway stations, hotels and more. Moreover, we optimize operating costs by managing HVAC systems, communication networks, lighting, lifts, emergency and safety systems, cleaning and other services.

Office buildings
In office buildings, our teams' chief concern is to provide thousands of employees with a comfortable environment in which they can turn out quality work. No matter the size or number of offices involved, we offer customers an array of skills and quality service through a single point of contact. In this way, we're able to deliver the same level of service to customers across several national or international sites.

Civil service agencies
Civil service buildings must be managed with maximum efficiency by teams that can handle the most complex technical issues.

To optimize services and operating costs, we apply our expertise in reducing energy consumption and our teams' professional skills in managing technical facilities and electrical, HVAC, telecommunication, fire detection and other critical systems.

Sites that serve the public
Shopping centers, leisure facilities, hotels and railway stations receive a constant flow of customers and visitors who must be offered maximum comfort, a warm reception, impeccable cleanness and a range of services. We leverage our deep technical skills portfolio to keep these sites attractive and inviting, notably through our specific expertise in optimizing floor space in stores.