Our Business Leaders

Business Leader of Asia

Christophe Maquet
Senior Executive Vice President, Asia-Pacific zone

Business Leaders of Mainland China & Macau

Mark Venhoek
CEO of Veolia Mainland China & Macau
Jan Klasinski
Jan Klasinski
Etienne Frouin
Capex Delivery
Julia Gu
Thierry Stievenard
Xiaohua Zhou
Hazardous Waste
François Jenny
Solid Waste
Morse Lei

Business Leaders of Hong Kong

Laurent Pelletier
Managing Director of Veolia Hong Kong
Abbie Fung
Finance Director of Veolia Hong Kong & Veolia China
Norman Cheng
Business Development Director of Veolia Hong Kong
Elizabeth Yeung
Senior Human Resources Manager of Veolia Hong Kong
Natasha Wong
Communications Manager of Veolia Hong Kong
Vincent Deleu
General Manager of T· Park, VW-VES (HK)
Paul Chong
Executive Director and General Manager of Southa Holdings Ltd.
Julien Watel
Executive Director of Southa Holdings Ltd.
Chris Chong
Managing Director of Kai Tak District Cooling System, Hong Kong District Cooling Co., Ltd.
Carl Lai
General Manager of SENT Landfill, Green Valley Landfill Ltd.
Serge Treffort
General Manager of the Chemical Waste Treatment Facilities, Ecospace Ltd.

Business Leaders of Taiwan Region

Luc Zeller
Senior Executive Director of Veolia Asia
Shih Lifen
Chairman of Apollo Technology Co., Ltd by Veolia
Ted Wang
President of Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd by Veolia
Jyhsheng Chi
Business Development Director, development activities in Taiwan
Corentin Bellego
Digital journey and business development