Veolia International Health and Safety Week 2021 kicks off: Every step counts!

Veolia International Health & Safety Week 2021 was held from September 20 to 24. The theme of this year's International Health Safety Week is "Walking into safety." 

Walking into safety, enter into a safe future

Do you know that there is a daily activity which is one of the causes of serious injuries to people at home and at work, and even accounts for a large proportion of all accidents? That is falling while walking.

Real examples of what happens in everyday life:
Case 1: A colleague pulls out his phone to check his messages, then accidentally steps on a puddle of liquid and falls down.
Case 2: A colleague walks up the stairs, instead of holding the handrail and looking at the steps, he put his focus on the next meeting, then he trips and sprains his wrist.
Case 3: A colleague who had just left work and was so used to jumping off the truck that he didn't focus on the ground and then accidentally sprained his ankle when he landed.

How to avoid accidentally slipping, tripping, or falling at work or at home?

People needs constant visual focus while moving, which means that when we need to focus on something else, we need to stop and focus on the obstacle in front of us until it's cleared before doing anything else. For example, when walking up the stairs, pay attention to the steps and hold the handrail, or lean your hand over the handrail; When moving or pushing objects, you must ensure that your sight is not affected.

If you see something that could cause you or your colleagues to fall, you should immediately start handling it safely. In daily life, you can also alert colleagues who are walking in a hurry or not paying attention. Remember, nothing is more important than your safety. Walk safely whether at work or at home.

STOP CARD -- Say no to potential danger

Health & Safety has always been one of our top priorities in Veolia. This year Veolia launched Stop Card Initiative to raise the awareness of employees to look out, stop and think twice when they experience dangerous situations in the workplace.