Refurbished Yanshan Sinopec Niukouyu Wetland Park Exhibition Hall Opens to Public

On September 10, the refurbished Wetland Park Exhibition Hall was unveiled as part of the 50th anniversary celebration organized by Yanshan Sinopec.


The Niukouyu Wetland Park Exhibition Hall is the first stop for visitors upon park entry, and therefore considered an important showcase of the essence of the Niukouyu Wetland. The previous Niukouyu Wetland Park Exhibition Hall was built in October 1995. As continuous upgrading of the Wetland Park took place in recent years, there is an urgent need to upgrade the amenities of the exhibition hall.


Yanshan Veolia launched the revamp project of the Niukouyu Wetland Park Exhibition Hall in June 2020. The renovation of the exhibition hall was completed within a tight construction timeline of three months. A brand new and interactive exhibition hall that fully displays the environmental effort of the Wetland Park was revealed to the public.


The transformed exhibition hall is defined as an immersive ecological wetland environment experience space. Walking into the Niukouyu Wetland Park Exhibition Hall, you will see lots of greenery such as aquatic plant specimens of reeds, spring onions, water lilies etc. set up in real scene to complement with the large painting of forest landscape on the wall. A wide variety of pictures of wild birds and real bird specimens are placed together to create a lifelike and eye-catching scene.  The sound of gurgling water and the chirping of birds like what you will hear in a spiritual valley provide a temporary escape from reality and take you to a mysterious fairyland. The big screen facing visitors shows videos and images of all kinds of rare bird species inhabiting the wetland park in a loop, capturing our heart. 


Li Xuewei, special consultant of Yanshan Veolia and person in charge of the exhibition hall upgrade and renovation project, said that the use of sound and light is adopted in the renovation to create visual, hearing and cognitive functions of the new exhibition hall, in order to fully recreate the essence of the Niukouyu Wetland Park. The visual function means creating an immersive environment for visitors by reproducing the characteristics of the biodiversity such as the wetland plants and wild birds; The hearing function means playing various sounds from the nature to provide visitors with multiple sensory experiences; The cognitive function means through the display of the green ecological environment and the company’s achievements in environmental protection, visitors are allowed to learn relevant knowledge in environmental protection while enjoying the exhibition, and increasing the interactiveness of the exhibition hall.


A landscape model  in the exhibition hall showcases the overall layout of the Niukouyu Wetland Park, leading to a five-part tour: (in a clockwise direction) "Into Niukouyu", "The Niukouyu Wetland Park Biodiversity Integrated Reality Show”, “The Eye of the Exhibition Hall”, “Birds’ Land” and “Interactive Enquiry Devices and Eco Protection Concept Showcase”.


“Into Niukouyu" uses a timeline to depict the development of the Niukouyu Wetland Park, the achievements of Yanshan Sinopec in environmental protection and advice from different levels of management. "The Niukouyu Wetland Park Biodiversity Integrated Reality Show” showcases the ecosystem and biodiversity in the wetland park using a combination of paintings, green vegetation, bird and insect specimens, and topographical sections. “The Eye of the Exhibition Hall” features a dynamic visual exhibition of the wetland park’s amazing landscape in different seasons and at different periods of the day using a gigantic LED screen and multi-media effects. “Birds’ Land” showcases the wide variety of wild birds in the wetland park through specimens and graphic illustrations. “Interactive Enquiry Devices and Eco Protection Concept Showcase” uses lightboxes and LED screens, together with images and texts, to highlight Yanshan Veolia’s environmental principle (“Green mountains and clean water are of the greatest value”) and its successful practice in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

There are two side halls on the left and right sides of the main exhibition hall. One of them is the thematic display exhibition area of ​​aquatic ecology which simulates the integration of aquatic ecology and physical fish. The combination of display boards of graphics and texts and ecological aquariums creates an atmosphere of an underwater corridor and showcases the rich native fish resources in Niukouyu Wetland; While the other side hall is a technical display exhibition area that simulates the combination of aquatic ecology purification equipment and technological processes, showcasing the leading technology of Yanshan Sinopec in sewage treatment, and creating a beauty of wisdom brought by the integration of technology and the ecology.