Christophe Maquet on recent interviews with media in China

Christophe Maquet, the Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia Group and Director of the Asia Zone, received interviews from several Chinese media in mid July to share his views on various topics.

Journalists from several financial and environmental media participated in the interview, including China Environmental News,, National Business Daily and Environmental Circle. During the interview, Christophe Maquet responded to topics regarding the merger with Suez, Veolia China's future strategy and the solutions in the context of carbon neutrality. This is the first time Christophe Maquet met with the Chinese media after he was appointed as Director of Veolia Asia.

The merger of Veolia and Suez will combine the strength of the two companies and better integrate the resources and talents to create innovative and comprehensive environmental solutions, and pursue ecological transformation. In the context of carbon peak and neutrality in China, the business that Veolia is focusing on meets perfectly the demand of China's environmental market. We will seize the opportunity and continue to support municipal and industrial partners to achieve a green economy and ecological transformation.
Christophe Maquet