Veolia signed a contract with Hubei Jinkong Gas Co. LTD for the wastewater treatment BOT project

Veolia will work with partners to build independent wastewater treatment and reuse facilities, improve the treatment capacity and wastewater reuse ability, and reduce the sewage discharge and pollution.

Recently, with the support of Dangyang Government, Hubei Jinkong Gas Co., LTD., Veolia China and Hubei Heyuan Gas Co., LTD., successfully held the cooperation signing ceremony of wastewater BOT project.

Hubei Jinkong Gas Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise in the chemical industry. Its annual output of 550,000 tons of ammonia solution upgrading project is a key industrial project in Hubei and Shanxi Province, and also a key project for the green and efficient transformation of Dangyang's traditional coal chemical industry. Veolia China  joined forces with Jinkong Gas Co., LTD and Hubei Heyuan Gas Co., LTD. to build and operate wastewater treatment  and reuse facilities for this project. 

This BOT project plans to build a wastewater treatment unit of 6,000 m3/day and a reuse wastewater treatment unit of 12,000 m3/day. It can reduce the use of raw water and sewage discharge of more than 2 million cubic meters for the project every year, and the wastewater reuse rate will reach 65%.


I am very confident that the three parties will work very closely to build this project into a high-quality star project in the modern coal chemical industry in China. Veolia will also contribute to the ecological transformation of Dangyang's urban environment and build sustainable development in the future.

——Mark Venhoek

CEO of Veolia Mainland China and Macau