Collaborate & Expand the Cooperation with Our Partner - Tongling Chemical Industry Group

On April 27, Mark VENHOEK, CEO of Veolia mainland China & Macau met with Kong Tao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tongling Municipal Committee and Mayor of Tongling, Anhui Province, in the Tongling Administrative Center.


The two parties held talks on strengthening communication and deepening practical cooperation. During the talk, Mark introduced to Kong Tao that Veolia attaches great importance to China's environmental development and conducted active and fruitful cooperation with Tongling over the years. Under the trend of China's "Dual carbon" goal, Veolia expects to deepen bilateral cooperation in environmental protection fields such as wastewater treatment, and help Tongling to continuously improve water environment quality.

In the afternoon, Mark visited Tonghua Group and met with Xu Junsheng, General Manager of Tonghua Group. The two parties reviewed the successful cooperation achievements in the past 10 years, communicated on the business development of Veolia China and Tonghua Group, and actively discussed deepening further cooperation in more business areas such as comprehensive utilisation of water resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, and clean energy utilisation, the parties concluded in signing a strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Thierry STIEVENARD, SVP of Industry BL Veolia China, Mr. Daniel QIN, VP of Growth Veolia China, Mr. Li Jidong, VP of Growth Veolia China, Andy SONG, deputy VP of Industry BL Veolia China etc., as well as Mr. WANG Zhixiang, executive vice president of Tongguan
District, Mr. Wu Ya, executive vice general manager of Tonghua Group, Mr. Pan Jian, deputy general manager, Mr. Hu Ke, assistant general manager, etc., attended the meeting and witnessed the signing ceremony.


The cooperation between Veolia China and Anhui Tongling Chemical Industrial Group started in 2013, when Tongling Liuguo Veolia Water Co., Ltd. was established by Veolia China and Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co., Ltd., a company affiliated to Tongling Chemical. The 20-year contract was signed to provide Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co., Ltd. with services of water supply for production lines and operation in wastewater treatment, as well as solutions for phosphorus and ammonia wastewater reuse. Veolia, together with all partners, has given full play to patented technologies in water treatment and achieved regional energy saving and emission reduction with experience in management, injecting vitality into the local green development.



Production Capacity/Key Data for Current Projects:

Water Supply

38,400 tons/day

Wastewater Treatment:

10,800 tons/day



Tongling Chemical insists on open development and keeps working closely and deeply with partners in the industry. And we've achieved win-win cooperation. During the past 10 years of cooperation between Tongling Chemical and Veolia China, both parties achieved mutual benefits with expected results based on complementary advantages. Coming up next, hopefully both parties could create more fruitful achievements by working further on more practical projects together.
XU Junsheng
General Manager of Tonghua Group



Achievements made between Veolia China and Tongling Chemical over the past 10 years set a solid foundation for the future cooperation between us, giving support to seize opportunities in the market and develop more new projects. Both parties would have a new beginning for comprehensive cooperation since the strategic cooperation agreement was signed. And the partnership would step into a new stage to create a new role model built by local authority, enterprise and foreign investment.
Mark Venhoek
CEO of Veolia Mainland China & Macau


Tongling, known as "the most beautiful town in China", located close to Yangtze River, convenient for waterway transportation, is home to many enterprises. While Veolia, as an environmental guard of many beautiful towns like Tongling, provides professional wastewater treatment services, so as to maintain the harmonious coexistence between the industrial human society and nature, meeting the commitments to ecological transformation and green development.





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