Clean Sea Campaign by the Blue Alliance: Building a maritime community with a shared future

On June 8, as one of the members of the “Blue Alliance”, Veolia, joint hands with Zhejiang Lanjing, held and attended the Clean Sea Campaign in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of “Building a maritime community with a shared future”, hundreds of representatives and experts from global organizations and leading companies in the fields, such as IFC, AEPW, GIZ, Environmental Industry Technology Institute of South Korea, TÜV, Vitol, Itochu, and China Recycling Resource, took part to promote and encourage with shared goals of eliminating marine pollution and protecting marine environment together. 

Francois Jenny, Senior Vice President of Veolia China Solid Waste Recycling, delivered a speech on Veolia China's Pollution Control to Accelerate Ecological Transformation during the theme forum. It is briefly in three major topics that Veolia had been working on, including Decarbonization, Depollution and Economy & Regeneration of Resources. He also stated that Veolia had focused on the marine sustainability of China with constant support for years, and shared the practical experience of the Huafei Marine Plastic Project. After the themed forum, Veolia and the other participants visited the Ocean Cloud Warehouse Base and joined the beach cleaning event held in Taizhou Baishawan Waterfront Park. A total of 124 kg of marine waste was cleaned during that day, in the best way of protecting the marine environment!