5 june 2017

World Environment Day 2017

In celebration of the World Environment Day, Veolia calls for everyone's support and ask everyone to take the lead to protect the environment.

This is a significant day for Veolia as Resourcing the World has always been our belief and commitment to protecting our environment. As individuals, small actions or behavioral changes can also make a big difference. We would like to take this opportunity to share a few actions that we can start embracing on this special day.

  • WED 01

    Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

  • WED 02

    Take public transportation to work

  • WED 03

    Avoid printing or adopt double-sided printing

  • WED 04

    Sort out your lunch waste

  • WED 05

    Set the office AC to 26 degrees

  • WED 06

    Cycle home

  • WED 07

    Avoid turning on the AC overnight and use fan instead