2022 International Health and Safety Week: Safety is in our hands

How important is safety? I believe that everyone at Veolia can answer this question without thinking, but it is not easy to achieve a safe production. Veolia, which regards "zero accidents" as its goal, has added more guarantees for production safety through three offline activities of the International Health and Safety Week.

From September 19 to 23, 2022, Veolia International Health and Safety Week with the theme "Safety is in Everyone's Hands" was held as scheduled. Veolia would like to take this opportunity to raise safety awareness and create a safer and healthier working environment for all Veolia employees.


Onsite Seminar: together to take "Safety in hand"

Through safety awareness videos, games and discussions, Veolia hopes to raise safety awareness among its employees so that hand injuries can be avoided and everyone at Veolia can take safety into their own hands.


HiPo Hunt: together to "eliminate the hidden dangers"

"For every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 near-misses and 1,000 potential accidents." Therefore, the second activity of this year's Health and Safety Week, was HiPo Hunt to find potential risks .

"Always Safe" Campaign: together to "Hold the line"

At Veolia, there are no safety dilemmas. The "ALWAYS SAFE" and the HIGH RISK MANAGEMENT STANDARD are "NON-NEGOTIABLE" VALUES that we must put it in the most priority area, regardless of the impact or limitations encountered in the field.