Local commitments

Veolia is fully committed to sustainable development for the benefit of its clients, its employees and the communities where it operates. Veolia constantly innovates, develops skills, builds expertise and strives to be exemplary.

In the environment

Resource conservation

Given the depletion of natural resources, it is vital to fully optimize their use. The strategy Veolia deploys on behalf of its clients in China is based on three approaches:  avoiding unnecessary consumption of resources, using resources efficiently and using renewable energies and materials.


Combat climate change

Veolia helps municipalities and industries to reduce their carbon footprints by improving the energy efficiency of their facilities. In Qingdao and Urumqi, where Veolia manages wastewater treatment plants for municipalities, Veolia combine its technological know-how and expertise to support energy self-sufficiency through the production of biogas, reducing therefore the operational carbon footprint of the facilities.  In Guangzhou, Veolia operates the first waste-to-energy plant in China using sub-high temperature and sub-high pressure boiler. Energy from the combustion of waste is used to produce electric power and supply the local grid.


Protect ecosystems, health and biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem quality is a priority for Veolia. The company contributes to work on characterizing ecosystem services and takes measures to protect and fortify them.