Industrial equipment and network cleaning and maintenance

Veolia ensures the proper operation of its industrial clients’ production base while helping boost productivity by cleaning, maintaining and repairing equipment. The strict respect of working schedules along with proper equipment maintenance minimizes production line downtime and maximizes the recycling of raw materials.

1) Comprehensive solutions
Veolia maintains chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, steel, automotive, metallurgical and pharmaceutical facilities, providing high-pressure water jet, chemical and other cleaning services for storage tanks, pipeline furnaces, boilers and other equipment.
Veolia also provides maintenance and repair services and can provide on the spot services in case of hazardous and non-hazardous material spills. Its industrial services include waste collection and safe disposal as well as the pumping and transportation of liquid waste.
2) Safety, innovation, technology
Veolia uses sophisticated technologies to operate within factories, ensuring the safety of its industrial clients’ employees while meeting strict time requirements.
3) Improvement in performance
Veolia provides customers with the best technical results and most secure waste management, improving their productivity and seeing to it that ecology and the economy go hand in hand.