Hydrocarbon processing industry

In today's global economy, the chemical industry is constantly challenged to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, comply with ever more stringent environmental standards and ensure water supply everywhere on a site at all times.

As your business evolves, Veolia, with the ability to provide full water services, is at your side to help you define the most appropriate solution regarding your water and wastewater treatment facilities: production expansion requiring new water and wastewater facilities, process revamps, restructuring support functions, and other significant undertakings.
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies designs and builds fully integrated and customized water and wastewater treatment plants. We support you at anytime when choosing new and/or upgraded treatment processes. Veolia operates and maintains your facilities, guaranteeing treatment performance. Our know-how is available to assist you define the most appropriate solutions for your operations. To date, numerous chemical manufacturing sites have entrusted Veolia with the management of their facilities. Globally we produce approximately 80 million m3 of process water and we treat 70 million m3 of wastewater.

Aware of the financial constraints weighing down on water treatment assets, Veolia provides flexible and innovative financing solutions. When taking charge of existing facilities, Veolia proposes the transfer of the industrial client's personnel and their integration into its own operating teams.