Harbin Southwest District Heating

Given China’s population, many municipalities, especially those in the colder regions, are facing the challenge of providing heating for the large number of residents while controlling environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.

With its experience in delivering energy-efficient innovations for municipalities, Veolia supports local authorities in addressing key environmental concerns.

Cities in China can become smarter and more liveable with Veolia’s district heating solutions which eliminates the need for individual boilers, preserving energy resource and enabling a more environmentally-friendly way for heat supply.  

   Who are our customers?

Municipal clients


The Veolia Solution

Veolia’s expertise in CHP Plant operation enables factories within an industrial park to benefit from a self-supporting power station.

In Harbin, one of the 10 most populated cities in China, Veolia operates a district heating network to provide stable and high-quality heating to residents while reducing pollution from small individual boilers and greenhouse gas emissions.

The cogeneration plant provides a stable, consistent and high-quality supply of steam and electricity to the Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industrial Park, supporting more than 20 companies including a number of Fortune 500 firms. The CHP Plant produces steam that generates electricity and heat for the Park. Any remaining energy is fed to the national grid to increase energy supply. 

Benefits for our customers

Reduction in pollution and carbon footprint

Energy optimisation

Reliable heating supply