Food and beverage

Water is one of the first ingredients used when manufacturing food, as process water for beverages, ready meals or dairy products. It is also a processing aid used throughout the process (cleaning water, transport water), as well as an energy utility when used as steam or for refrigeration (boiler feed water, cooling water, ice for preservation). In addition, food production sites must now comply with numerous requirements in the sanitary, economic and environmental domains.

The production of specification quality water for the process and treatment of resulting wastewater are crucial activities in the food industry. Veolia provides this industry with innovative technological solutions and offers a range of services, from facility maintenance and on-site technical assistance to the complete management of the industrial water cycle, with the aim to :Guarantee food safety
Help food producer to deal with limited water resources
Optimize wastewater treatment
Reduce and treat wastewater sludge
Reduce the energy bill
Implement odor control 
 Veolia currently operates and guarantees the reliability of water and/or wastewater treatment facilities in several hundred food plants. Industrial applications are as varied as breweries or non alcoholic beverages, dairy or meat products, fruit and vegetables processing, confectionery, food ingredients and additives, as well as the entire agro-industry.